Servicing and Testing of ACB

Posted On: August 1, 2022
Closing On: August 8, 2022
Scope of work
Visual inspection of ACB for any physical damages. Checking presence and proper tightening of hardware - 12 nos
● Replacement of ACB main operating mechanics with new one
● Inspect the extinguisher chamber for damage and clean the required part
● Inspect all the contact wear and tear
● Removal of old grease and re-greasing the same with recommended grease
● Clean & grease movable isolation contacts
● Checking the reset mechanism , tripping the breaker through push button
● Tripping the ACB manually through volumetric release
● Checking tripping of ACB through protection release (Through secondary injection kit)
● Inspect the ACB operating mechanism for damage and operational checking of for spring charge
● Check mechanical & electrical interlocking system
● Checking condition and alignment of jaw contact with cradle terminals
● Checking condition of ACB wiring and replace if required
● checking proper closing of all poles together
● Checking working of anti pumping device in case of EDO ACB
● Checking alignment of SIC and its operation
● Checking scrapping earth alignment
● Checking condition of arc chutes
● Checking U/V release pick up and drop off
● Setting of release as per the load
● Checking the healthiness of CTs
● Control wiring - checking for slack in terminal connection
● Submission of service & test reports for each ACB
Terms & Condition

No Subcontracting: In accordance to Jointly Owned Property Law No.6,2019, Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement, the vendor/contractor may not use any subcontractor to perform any of his obligations under this work order. Unless: 

(a) Vendor has obtained the prior written consent of SAGA to the use of the subcontractor, and 

(b) Vendor has entered into a separate written agreement with the subcontractor which requires the subcontractor to agree to and abide by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

The Community shall be deemed to be a third-party beneficiary of any such agreement between the vendor and a permitted subcontractor. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the vendor shall not be relieved of any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement as a result of entering into a written agreement with a permitted subcontractor.

Payment will be done after work completion upon submitting the invoice along with work completion/service reports/warranty certificates. 
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