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Break Down Mixed Use
Tamweel Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Posted By: HOAM- Highrise Owners Association Management
Fire Alarm Systems Rectification :FACP Brand - SimplexSUPPLY AND REPLACEMENT OF SIMPLEX/ ADD. SMOKE DETECTOR (LOCATION: 501 L.V ROOM, 1 FL RMB ROOM, 3101 L.V ROOM, 2702 LV. ROOM, 2703 ROOM CORRIDOR, 2703 L.V. ROOM, NR 2604 ROOM, NR 2504 ROOM, NR 3104 ROOM, NR 3204 ROOM, NR 3102 ROOM, 3103 L.V ROOM, 3203 ROOM CORRIDOR, NR 606 ...