Replacement of Garbage Chute defective spare parts and Garbage Trolley Rectification

Posted On: September 20, 2022
Closing On: October 6, 2022
1. Supply and Installation of Shock Absorber---------------------------01 No. Changing. (Floor No. 4)
2. Supply and Installation of Hopper Door Latch-----------------------01 No. Changing. (Floor No. 8)
3. Supply and Installation of Garbage Chute Pipe Door Branch------05 Nos. Fixing New with full welding work.
(Floor Nos: 8,15,17,19,20)

❖ Cutting, Removing and dismantling the old damaged part of pipe door branch.
❖ Fixing Stainless Steel New Branch (Door) Sheet Grade 304, thickness 2 mm sheet
from inside side the chute to cover the damage area.
close the entire chute door manually during the working hours as a safety

Trolley Rectification:
1. Trolley Top Cover (one side) ---------------------05 Nos. Repairing & Re-Fixing with
welding work including fixing side angle support, pipe, sheet, hinges & Spring with
necessary spare parts. (Trolley No. 4 Front & Back, T5-F, T6-F, T8-F)
2. Trolley Iron Rod Pipe & Bush (1 side) ---------01 Nos. Supplying & Fixing New with
welding work for 2.5cbm for trolley No. 3.
Trolley New Top Cover (one side) ----------------04 Nos. Supplying & Fixing New with
welding work including rubber and hinges.
(For Trolley No. 1 Front cover, Trolley No. 2 front & back both, Trolley No. 3 – Front Cover)
3. Trolley Side Arm (one side) ------------------------06 Nos. Supplying and fixing new for 3
Nos. Trolleys. (For Trolley Nos: 2,3,4 – both side)
4. Trolley Top Cover (Arm Pipe 3/4” Inch) -----------01 No. Supplying and fixing new for
trolley No. 4
5. Trolley Top Cover Spring (one side) ----------02 Nos. Supplying and fixing new for trolley
No. 3 both sides.
6. Trolley GI Bottom Drainage---------------------08 Nos. Cutting & Removing old one,
Supplying & Fixing New GI Drain with GI Cap to stop the dust water falling on the floor
while moving the garbage trolley from main garbage room to collection area. (For All 8 Nos.
7. Cutting and removing the rusted and broken part of the trolley, Fixing G. I sheet Thickness
2mm at the bottom & Side damaged area of the trolley to cover the rusted and broken part
with full welding work including wheel base with bitumen paint------------03 Nos. for
2.5 CBM trolleys.

Terms & Condition

No Subcontracting: In accordance to Jointly Owned Property Law No.6,2019, Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement, the vendor/contractor may not use any subcontractor to perform any of his obligations under this work order. Unless: 

(a) Vendor has obtained the prior written consent of SAGA to the use of the subcontractor, and 

(b) Vendor has entered into a separate written agreement with the subcontractor which requires the subcontractor to agree to and abide by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

The Community shall be deemed to be a third-party beneficiary of any such agreement between the vendor and a permitted subcontractor. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the vendor shall not be relieved of any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement as a result of entering into a written agreement with a permitted subcontractor.

Payment will be done after work completion upon submitting the invoice along with work completion/service reports/warranty certificates. 
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