(1 Years) Cleaning Contract

Posted On: June 17, 2022
Closing On: July 15, 2022

Annual Contract for CLEANING SERVICES starting from 1st of January 2023 till 31st of December 2023 as per the below scope of work/details.

1. Objective of the Request for Proposal


2. Jointly Owned Property

TRIDENT MARINASCAPE Jointly Owned Property

3. Location

Dubai Marina

4. Scope of Services

 Housekeeping Services for common areas

 Ensure cleanliness of the building’s common areas

 Material inventory including its storage and usage

 Collection and disposal of wet/dry wastes/garbage

 Cleaning of fittings and fixtures

4.2 Description of Services

Manpower Deployment:

 Team Leader (1 personnel, 12hrs/day, 6days/week)

 Cleaner (8 personnel, 12hrs/day, 7days/week)

4.3 Qualifications of Bidder

 Professional License as registered in Dubai Economic Department

 Minimum 3 year relevant Experience / Portfolio

 Trade license of the company must include the activity for which proposal is submitted

BICS credentials 

CAFM system

4.4 Additional Requirements/Conditions

5. Payment Terms

30 days from receipt date of Invoice

6. Insurance

The Bidder must ensure that it maintains insurance policies relevant to the delivery of Services identified in this RFP, should the Bidder be awarded the contract.

7. Clarification

Mansions OAM reserves the right to seek clarification or additional information from any Bidder related to their Submission.

8. Conflict of Interest

At the time of submitting a proposal, the Bidder agrees there is no conflict of interest (real or perceived)

9. Evidence

The Bidder will also need to provide evidence of ability and experience to undertake the specified objectives/duties in this RFP. The following documentation is required to be included in the Submission:

1) Company Profile

2) Professional License as registered in Dubai Economic Department

3) Relevant Experience / Portfolio

4) MM-EF-CM-FORM-0043 Supplier Questionnaire

Terms & Condition

No Subcontracting: In accordance to Jointly Owned Property Law No.6,2019, Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement, the vendor/contractor may not use any subcontractor to perform any of his obligations under this work order. Unless: 

(a) Vendor has obtained the prior written consent of Mansions CM to the use of the subcontractor, and 

(b) Vendor has entered into a separate written agreement with the subcontractor which requires the subcontractor to agree to and abide by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

The Community shall be deemed to be a third-party beneficiary of any such agreement between the vendor and a permitted subcontractor. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the vendor shall not be relieved of any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement as a result of entering into a written agreement with a permitted subcontractor.

Payment will be done after work completion upon submitting the invoice along with work completion/service reports/warranty certificates.

As per the rules, all vendors supplying services in the Emirate of Dubai must have trade license issued by relevant authority in the Emirate of Dubai. 
Before you apply for any job in the Emirate of Dubai, please make sure to comply with regulatory requirements. 
Failure to do so can result in stoppage of funds through Escrow Account.
Mansions CM, bears no liability towards any payment that is withheld by the Escrow Operator.

1)      The contractor/service provider must have and maintain a valid and appropriate license in the Emirate of Dubai in order to provide the services under the scope of work of this agreement.

2)      NO sub-contracting shall be permitted under this agreement.

3)      The contractor/service provider warrants and guarantees that there is no conflict of interest, nor the relationship between the company and/or any of its officers, the Owners Association Management, and/or any of the Board/Committee Members.

4)      The contractor/service provider undertakes that will not accept or have given any commission, any form of inducement, bribe, kickback, offering, or anything of value to the Developer or other party involved in the award of this Management agreement for its duration for purposes connected with this agreement and which gives rise to, or is likely to give rise to, a material conflict of interest between the Managing Agent and the Owners Association.

The agreement may be terminated by either party without any cause by giving the other party 1 month/30 days prior written notice thereof.
mansions owners association management
mansions owners association management
Mixed Use

Marinascape Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates