(2 Years) Lift, Elevator & Escalators Contract

Posted On: July 18, 2022
Closing On: August 17, 2022

Greeting from SAGA International, 

we are requesting for Elevator services for the 2 years as per the below scope  :

Total amount for 2023:

Vat amount for 2023:

Grand total amount for 2023:

Total amount for 2024:

Vat amount for 2024:

Grand total amount for 2024:




Ø  Provide specialist personnel to implement the measures indicated below to ensure:

Ø  Safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

Ø  Stability of technical characteristics of the equipment throughout the duration of the contract.


1.1   Specialist Trained Person

               All services operations should be provided by a trained technicians.

1.2   PPM

The preventive program maintenance schedules all inspections, lubrication, cleaning adjustments and repair or replacement of parts for each unit under service. The program is based the technical characteristics of the equipment. Preventive maintenance visits (monthly one visit per equipment) are planned during regular working hours or as agreed with the Service Provider. The PPM is designed to minimize risk of equipment failure as well as preventing premature of the installation.

1.3   Quality Audit

Service provider specialist carries out an audit of equipment safety and quality every two years. Upon request the results of the audit can be reported to the management together with recommendations for the equipment upgrade or its modernization for improving the performance of the installation or to adapt it to new standards.

1.4   Repair & replacement of parts

The Service Provider to carry out repairs including the replacement of like for like parts, where such repairs due to normal use, as listed below;

·         Worms, gears, drive sheaves, bearings, electrical windings and contacts for the machine

·         Motors, brake coils and windings

·         Relays, electronic boards (PCB)and contacts for the controller and drive system

·         Traction, compensation and governor ropes and governor components parts.

·         Guide shoes and safety gear

·         Locks and their actuating elements

·         Door operators including their motors and contacts, car door hangers door shoes and tracks.


Providing a wide territorial coverage and the resources indicated below, the Service Provider maintenance contract assures that:

·         If passengers are trapped in the elevator, the technician shall arrive onsite to release them within the period stated in the contract schedule.


               The Service Provider should provider a toll free response center to receive calls 24 hours per day every day of the year; on receipt of a call of equipment malfunction, the service provider line alerts the relevant technician. Each call is logged and traced through a call management computer system to ensure that that the response time is immediate and does not exceed the period agreed.

2.2   Twenty Four Hour Breakdown Service

The Service Provider shall provide 24 hours breakdown service, shall maintenance a day and night 24 hours service to respond to emergencies such as trapped passenger.

2.3   Availability of Spare Parts

The Service Provider Service center supports the local service offices with the urgent delivery of parts and components ensuring maximum availability of the equipment.



The Service Provider provide a detailed report upon request, covering;

Maintenance, safety test and repair performed during the period.

Equipments failures analysis summary with the response and repair times.

The finding and recommendations of any Quality Audits/Safety Audits.


3.1 Visit Report

During each visit, the technician collects information regarding the functioning of the lift and informs the customer representative in the building of the work undertaken. If the breakdown cannot be repaired in a single visit, before leaving the site the technical indicates/provides the plan for returning the elevator to normal service. The Service Provider also displays signs at agreed position in the building to advice users that repair are being undertaking.


3.2 Information on the changes to standards and technical advice.

The Service Provider shall provide timely proposals on the modernization of the equipment and obsolete parts to enhance performance, comfort, energy saving, aesthetics and to reduce pollution together with anticipated measurable benefits, such modernization/upgrade costs are excluded from the contract premium.


Maintenance scheduled


1-      Working hours for maintenance visits & planned projects:

·         Saturday – Thursday 8:00 to 17:00

·         Maintenance visits per annum per equipment – 12

2-      Average Response time to breakdown:

Trapped passenger (24 hour service)                  -                30 Minutes

Breakdown (24 hours service)                              -                60 Minutes

Rectification Time – For normal call backs the rectification time will be 24 to 48 hours depending on the repair works involved. In case of any major issues, the same shall be notified to the customer and the rectification time will be 7 days from the date of notification.

3-      Equipment Description

Number of units: 2 (Two)

Equipment type :  Passenger


Terms & Condition

No Subcontracting: In accordance to Jointly Owned Property Law No.6,2019, Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement, the vendor/contractor may not use any subcontractor to perform any of his obligations under this work order. Unless: 

(a) Vendor has obtained the prior written consent of SAGA to the use of the subcontractor, and 

(b) Vendor has entered into a separate written agreement with the subcontractor which requires the subcontractor to agree to and abide by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

The Community shall be deemed to be a third-party beneficiary of any such agreement between the vendor and a permitted subcontractor. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the vendor shall not be relieved of any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement as a result of entering into a written agreement with a permitted subcontractor.

Payment will be done after work completion upon submitting the invoice along with work completion/service reports/warranty certificates. 
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